Episode 17

Published on:

12th Jun 2024

Entangled Creativity: Susan Begy on Art, Connection, and Community

In this episode of Behind the Studio Door, hosts Molly Darling and Christian Rivera, along with producer Chris Lindstrom, dive into a lively conversation with interdisciplinary artist Susan Begy. Susan, who explores themes of humanity, power dynamics, and cooperation through her graphite drawings and stone sculptures, shares insights into her creative process and the evolution of her work. The discussion touches on her innovative Entanglement Project, a 33-foot-long drawing connecting members of the creative community, and her experiences moving between mediums and places like Los Angeles and Brooklyn before returning to Rochester. Susan's dedication to nurturing and collaboration shines through as she talks about her future projects, including the potential revival of her Art Collision and Repair Shop. Tune in to hear more about Susan’s artistic journey and her passion for fostering community connections.

You can find more about Su's work here: https://www.susanbegy.com/about

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