Episode 15

Published on:

29th May 2024

Exploring Ephemeral Art and Creativity with Taylor Kennedy

Join us for an inspiring episode of "Behind the Studio Door" as we dive into the world of multimedia artist and educator Taylor Kennedy. Originally from Sodus Point, New York, Taylor's work explores themes of childhood, domesticity, womanhood, and middle-class life through large-scale ephemeral installations. She candidly shares her unique, non-academic approach to creativity, integrating personal memories and narratives into her art. Taylor also reflects on her role as an educator, the influence of her grandmother's textiles, and her fearless experimentation with diverse mediums. Her insights on community, generosity, and the sensory experiences that shape her work provide a rich, engaging conversation you won't want to miss.

Find Taylor on Instagram @taymkennedy to stay connected with her latest works and upcoming projects.

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Behind the Glass, hosted by Richard B Colón and Quajay Donnell, is a monthly talk with the current month’s BTG Roster. Artists are interviewed about their submissions and we dive deep into their process, inspiration and thought process centralized around their artwork in the Behind the Glass Gallery located in the heart of Downtown Rochester NY. https://behind-the-glass-gallery.captivate.fm/

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